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Private Lessons



We have re-evaluated our private lesson structure and have determined that any player who is now not an active ASEVC member for the club season will have to pay the hourly rate for the gym plus the cost of the private lesson.

We believe that since the club is paying for the court time, only members of the club should have the luxury of this benefit.

This will go into effect November 15th 2017

The cost for our private lessons are as follows:

ASEVC members : $100.00 per session

Club members of other clubs: $315.00 per session


Welcome to our private lesson sign up sheet. Please fill out the form provided.

Lessons are done with selected coaches based on their availability.

I an effort to minimize any conflict of interest, your daughter might not be paired with her current club coach. She might be paired with someone who coaches a different team. That coach will get information form your daughter's club coach in an effort to get a full analysis of the work needed. You will contacted as soon as your request is received.

Private lessons are $100.00/hr


Please direct only private lesson related questions to: